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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Uber for Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Students!

Having trouble with transport back to UTM? No worries! Uber is here to help!

Have you ever found it tedious/troublesome to find taxis to pick you up? And later discovered the price to be outrageous? Then Uber is the solution for you. Uber is a ridesharing service where one can request a ride without even dialing a number! All you need is the app:

Take a look at the screenshots below. From Larkin Bus Terminal to UTM, the fare is at most RM 20! Better yet, if you use this code : UberDShern for the first time, you’ll get three(3) free rides up to RM30 each. So basically, you can get back to UTM from Larkin Bus Terminal for FREE!

That’s not all, all details of the ride from the route taken to even the picture of the driver will be recorded and you can view it online whenever you wish. Lost something in the driver’s car? Just give the driver a call or send a ‘lost item’ report online(picture below).

Don't know what's Uber?????? Check out my blog post here:


So what are you waiting for? Give Uber a shot!

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