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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Public Service Department Awards/Scholarships - Giving it a Shot

To all SPM 2011 leavers who obtained the coveted 9A+ and above read on(others please read on as well), you guys WILL and I mean WILL get bursaries to enter local pre-university courses.

My advice for those who are ineligible SPM results like say obtained  9As, 10As or even 8As but no total of 9A+s, still try to apply for the scholarship. There's no harm in doing so and its easy cause you do it online. The main reason and logic behind this is because even though there's 1609 eligible students, it's very very very unlikely all of them will take this opportunity. Some might have already gone overseas paid with their own finances. Others might find the universities under the scholarship aren't of their liking whereas others might have other BETTER scholarships ready. So if the Education Ministry prepared that many scholarships, that would be leftovers for other good SPM scorers. They might also consider you if you have an outstanding co-curriculum history.  So why not give it a shot, it's better than doing nothing.

------------------------- Update on 16 April 2012-------------------------
I tried do the kemaskini on Bursary Pelajar Cemerlang SPM Tahun 2011 but I get this error.

I know I'm not eligible but I thought it's OK for me to at least try. There's no way to plead or complain because as stated in their FAQs, only those with 9A+s can be in the list. Now the only thing I can hope is they decided to change their policy or even their system to allow others to fill in and at least try their luck. Sure there are others like myself who need financial aid.