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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012

Attended AFA on the 10 of June 2012 and had quite an exhilarating experience - it was my first anime festival experience too and here a photo story:

Click HERE for Introductory, Thanks to Joshua Ong
At the entrance

Outside of Putra World Trade Centre

Cosplayers getting ready

Ticket counter

Figma store

A cosplayer as Mrs. MacDonald

League of Legends(LOL) signature board

LOL cosplayer photos

A very long line a the two cafes: Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe and Ateleir Royale

Cosplayers as Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive(female version) from Black Butler

Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler

At a anime retail store

Wallpaper, if that's what you're wondering

@.@   @.@   @.@   @.@   @.@   @.@

Large anime wallpapers

Cosplayer as a Volaloid with extra sword


One Piece characters

Not sure from which anime/genre but it's sure cool.

Veeeeerrrryy crowded

Final Fantasy?

There's Danny Choo!

Ohhh, prety lights!
This is just less than half the crowd.
Acting performance 1: Naruto

Acting performance 2: Black Butler

Acting performance 3:Rozen Maiden

Cosplay Competition

Danny Choo: Feeling the armour

In comes Kaname

Miyuko and Tasha appears!

Prizing giving ceremony for best cosplayers. The champion is obviously the armoured dude followed the runner-up Mirai Suenega.
Prize giving ceremony for acting performers.

1st: Black Butler, 2nd:Rozen Maiden, 3rd: Naruto

1 door versus 1000+ visitors

Cloud from Final Fantasy

Dead nurse. Awesome.
Anime Equipment Store

More cosplayers!!!!!!!

Big badass boss fight XD with Bleach Characters

Awwww. :)
That is all, so enjoy and sayonara :D