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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What a Crisis!

Hi viewers and readers.I had a horrible problem during my Hari Raya holidays (19/9/2009-27/9/2009)until I had to delay my posts.The problem is MY COMPUTER BROKE!!!

It happened after my computer had a Windows Blue Screen Error or Blue Screen of Death(in short:BSOD).My computer's monitor couldn't detect signals after i restarted it to recover from the BSOD which means I cant see anything on the monitor as well as use the computer.Moreover,the whole thing turn on by itself after I press the main power switch without pressing the power button on the CPU.Luckily my brother came back university during the holidays.He helped and guided me in repairing the computer.We tried several methods.

Here is a chronological order of what we did to try to solve the problems:
1.Keep restarting the computer.
2.Clean the CPU of dust.
3.Change to various types of graphics cards.(The longest method we tried)Note:The graphics cards used were working fine on another computer)
4.Change the PSU(Power Supply Unit).

After the last method,the computer still can't work!My brother concluded that the motherboard is 'dead' so he went to my fathers cybercafe and ask for a working CPU.My brother and I had to transplant better computer parts from my old computer to the new one because some of them parts were weaker and others are not installed.There was a small problem with the new one though,which is that it can't support VGA cards.At the end,I'm now using a computer with the same power as the previous one but with a very downgraded graphics card.

Sigh...But at least i still have a working computer. :)

Well since that has been taken care of,I'll continue my studies for the upcoming PMR on 7th of October.Bye!