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Sunday, December 6, 2009

What a Crisis! 2

Damn it! I had another computer problem. This time, the problem isn't as bad as the last time(check my previous post to find out). It all started when I open a file that(I didn't know) contained a kind of annoying spy ware. It kept putting a fake notice at the bottom right of the screen where the notification area is located saying a virus has been detected. It then popped an Internet Explorer window to an unknown site. After that spyware appeared,I also got an error with the following details: GetFile Drive layout:The system could not find the file specified( there's suppose to be another sentence after this one but it's all a blur to me). Other than all of that, it doesn't give me other serious problems. I tried to remove it using Spybot Search & Destroy. After removing some registry and files that were found to me malicious,I turned the computer off.

On the following day(which is today),I turned the computer on and ended up getting a Windows Blue Screen Error or BSOD instead. I couldn't boot up the computer even in safe mode. I had no choice but to format the computer's C drive only. It worked and I quickly installed the security software first including Spybot Search & Destroy but for some reason, as soon as I've installed it, Spybot S&D found spyware that have been found in a couple of Window's system files. I removed it and restarted the computer.

Unfortunately the computer had the same problem when I turned it on this morning so I formatted it again. This time, I installed everything I needed with the Nvidia driver and Spybot S&D last and restarted. And for the **** third time it happened again:the BSOD. After that I suspected that Spybot S&D is the cause behind these damn problems so I tried to confirm whether the Nvidia driver is the cause or not and found that it wasn't. For some reason Spybot S&D with its latest updates to date on this day detects some very bad fake-positive system files and caused the BSODs. Well, at least I still have a working computer.