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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Uber Would Like to Get to Know You Better(Johor Bahru promo)

We are committed to finding new ways to improve our service in order to serve you better. Please spare a few minutes to fill up this short survey and as a thank you, we'll be rewarding you with 10 FREE rides worth RM5 each.


This is a survey for Uber by Uber. It takes about 1 minute to fill and you get the code right after! The promotion is available only in Johor Bahru and last til 22 February 2017.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Let's Play Overwatch! - A Guide to Preparing for Overwatch Free Weekend

As Blizzard has aanounced on the Overwatch Blog, there will be free trial period of Overwatch starting on  18 Novembe  at 11 a.m. PT (18:00 UTC) to 21 November at 4:00 p.m. PT (23:00 UTC). So for those eager to try out the moment the timer hits the mark, you CAN, I repeat, are able to download Overwatch prior to the actual starting time of the big event! Here's how:

NOTE: This has been tested on Windows 10

1. Open a new .txt file in the directory(depends on where you installed it).
2. Type " --game=prometheus --install" into the text file.
3. Use "Save as" and save the text file as a .bat file in the same directory(the name of the .bat file does not matter).

Example of the .bat file in the directory.

4. Double-click the .bat file to run it.
5. client will be active and prompt you to install Overwatch.
6. Select the directory you want Overwatch to be installed and let it do its thing.

And huzzah! You're downloading Overwatch even though you haven't purchased it.

This method was sort of a hack to gain access to the game itself during the Beta phase at the time. Not sure if it was just for the files or to try out the game without an invite; apparently it was the latter. 

I have to use this method because, as you can see, the download speed over here is abysmal and downloading Overwatch only on free trial weekend would have leave me with an almost completed Overwatch download AFTER the trial has ended and a sad face. If you're like me or just want to have the game ready to play on day 1 then go for it!

if you're wondering whether this is legal or otherwise, I can't give a assured answer but I believe this is legal as it is through the official client afterall! As for download size of Overwatch, I checked and 7.65GB is the official download size as of 11 November 2016.

May patience be with you and look forward to enjoying Overwatch!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

UBER - Ride now for FREE

Know a friend who would love to ride with Uber? Now with cash as a payment option, everyone has even more choice when it comes to getting around.Share YOUR referral code, r3etc1mhue, with them to give them a FREE ride worth RM10 and you'll get one too!
  • Open up the Uber app.
  • Click the menu on the top left corner.
  • Click on Free Rides in the menu.
  • You can then share your referral code via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email!