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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Great Singapore Eatery

Just been back from Singapore and I had to blog about this great place to eat. It's a simple mix rice style restaurant with a wide array of dishes to choose from.

Left: It's hard to get the entire menu in this one picture. Right: Prices according to serving size

Just to give you the 'whole picture', I've taken separate parts of the menu from bottom left to right and then top respectively

You'll simply be spoiled for choice. You can mix up to 4 dishes from a combination of meat and vegetables of any amount(charges apply accordingly). More dishes is possible if you want. Some dishes include lemon fish bits, omelette, chicken and fish curry, boiled egg with oyster sauce, salted egg, meatball-stuffed tofu, crab cake, chicken chops(small, sort of), bitter gourd with black beans, ladyfinger with chilli and eggplant. That's just a fraction of whats available. These photos I've taken are just for 1 day. I think they shuffle their dishes every now and then so there could up to maybe 50 dishes in total.

Coincidentally, the 2 owners of the aforementioned eatery (in pic above) are friends of my mother. Because of that I got free meals :D . It was sooo good I ate 2 servings meant for 2 adults for lunch alone and they were really glad to see me enjoy their food. This post is kinda of a advertisement for them as a 'Thank You' gift for the meals. I even interviewed the lady boss of the eatery. Interview details:

Block 116 Toa Payoh Lorong 2 #01-140 Singapore 310116 (Braddell MRT exit) - the restaurant is directly facing the respective MRT exit. According to the owners, they recently moved here about a week ago.

Business Hours
Everyday including public holidays except Sundays, 9.00a.m.-8.30p.m.

Customer Volume
On average about 200 customers a day. On weekends, it can be up to 300. From my own observation, the majority of the customers are the elderly and working adults.

Sometimes mostly on public holidays.

Business Experience
Over 9 years.

That's about all the details you need to know. Singaporeans and travellers alike would definitely find the food here good and affordable. This is my first food post. Hope you like it.

This would be the last post for the year and now I've got to be ready for National Service 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to Bypass/Overcome/Avoid DeviantART's Maturity Filter/Censor/Block(Updated)

Many of you would have definitely find that censor thing in DeviantART a pain in the *** even if the censor is for a fanfic. Currently the most obvious way to overcome this is by creating a free and simple DeviantART account but for those who have dozens of accounts and don't want another just for the sake of viewing images, here's a way out:

  1. Go to the gallery of the artist you want to see the blocked image of.
  2. Locate the RSS icon near your browser's Location Bar/Address Bar.
  3. IF it isn't there, check your bookmarks menu(Mozilla Firefox only,haven't tried on other browsers so I can't tel you).
  4. Clicked on the 'subscribe to this page button' and a new page opens showing the contents of the page you wanted to see.
  5. Finally click on the media link below the image/fanfic/etc. and a full-size page of it will appear.

Note: The previous steps alone will not display all the images in the artist's gallery. To view earlier images, you'll have to edit the URL address. This is very simple: Simply increase the number after "offset=" to the number of desired earlier images and hit Enter.


----------------------------------------Update on 22 April 2012----------------------------------------
Done more research and here's what I got - a much BETTER ways to bypass DeviantART's maturity filter.

  1. Go to this link :
  2. You should see a page with this:
 That means you're in the right spot.
  3. Next, find the thumbnail number of your intended Deviation. Example:

 4. Insert the thumbnail NUMBER into the link I have provided like this , press Enter and Presstoh!
You've successfully bypassed DeviantART's maturity filter! Hooray ! Oh wait ... ah crap... it doesn't have a maturity filter on so I didn't actually show exactly what would happen. Soooo, I guess you'll have to find out yourself and try it out on a real 'subject' - which I don't show an example cause I don't advocate it here.
It works on just about all Deviations even ones not blocked by the filter(like the one shown above). FYI: The image obtained is of lower resolution as to the original.

SOURCE: snomi

If you're interested in Dreamkeepers, click 
 to check out my review on Dreamkeepers.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Telling to the World - DreamKeepers

An Introduction to the Dreamworld

This post is dedicated to a magnificent graphic novel/comic whichever you call it. I've recently started indulging in web comics a few weeks back. When I went through some popular comics, I stumbled upon the DreamKeepers. At first look, I thought "Wow, this looks great. I gotta check it out". Since then, I've became a big fan of DreamKeepers by David and Liz Lillie. DreamKeepers is an independent project as stated on their website and their primary means of finding more reader support is by word of mouth. Hence, let me introduce you to this stupendous graphic novel saga with an online postcard and a couple of videos:

These 2 videos pretty much sums up the introduction. The post card and videos are new as the authors just completed them somewhere in the middle of this year.

There's plenty of content to look into in this graphic novel saga from its vast history to its astoundingly advanced technology that most scientists could only dream of(pun not intended). Besides, there's set of prelude comics depicting the characters of DreamKeepers in their younger days Here.
Even the gallery is loaded with commissions, fanart and wallpapers that would take hours to go through and admire. 

Download links:
UPDATE ON 25/1/2012: Links removed - I'm encouraging the development of this AWESOME graphic novel through financial support so please buy their stuff Here or donate(please) Here
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Note - If you're wondering what's the bonus, it's Tendril's Demise Special Ad Comic. There's one with and another without colour. The coloured one has edited script from the original black and white.

Until now, only volume 1 of DreamKeepers is free minus the bonus at Graphicly. Luckily, I managed to find volume 2 with bonus through the internet. I do feel kind of guilty for pirating a bit but it's the easiest way I know and cheap too. For those of you who want to contribute to this fantastic work, you can buy the books from Here
or donate if you like. Remember, they are independent authors publishing their work so reader power is their best source of revenue. Last but not least, volume 3 of DreamKeepers is about 60% complete according to the authors' blog, VividStuff

 A.W.E.S.O.M.E posters \o.o/ :

-------------------------Update on 31/12/2011-------------------------
I can't help but feel that something is missing, something I've to express out before the end of the year. NOW I know, it's how I feel about DreamKeepers. Before this I've read an extremely detailed review about this graphic novel saga by a guy who seems to be a rocket engineer by the name of Geo right Here (SPOILER ALERT: New readers click if you dare as there are a few pages from the graphic novel. If you don't want to ruin it for yourself then don't do it for the sake of fulfilment). I had to make it very obvious so as to not be a 'spoiler-er'. The review pretty much reflects and conveys at least 90% of what and how I think of DreamKeepers.

Now for my own expression. DreamKeepers feels like a comic but it is not, no no no, it's just too far-fetched to be categorised as a comic. Kids might think this way but the older audience should know better. The most suitable official term for this is graphic novel as it reflects the intriguing-ness and depth of a novel plus the added wonder and beauty of a graphic work. I'm so anxious to know what comes next in volume 3 and onward that I could not stop thinking about DreamKeepers even for a day. The plot has incalculable potential only the true creators can sum up. There's really no bad, no con, no down-side, nothing unacceptable or inferior about this exceptionally well produced piece of greatness that needs any fixing or improvement. If there are any who defy it, the person must either be a very harsh critique or an escaped mental patient(just expressing here). I really wish I could purchase the book itself but due to financial constraints, I'll have to deal with soft copy on my computer. I'll always be glad to have the chance to witness this simply awesome graphic novel. You will NOT regret reading DreamKeepers. Nuff said, you will check out DreamKeepers

UPDATE 1(27/9/2012): New video by David and Liz Lillie.
                                              Dreamkeepers vs the World


--------------------------------------UPDATE ON (28/3/2013)-------------------------------------------

On 26 March of 2013, the creators of Dreamkeepers have finally decided to release older volumes of the graphic novel for FREE!!!!! - Dreamkeepers Graphic Novel Saga
Skeptical? Take a look for yourself - . To date the Dreamkeepers fanbase still seems kinda weak and is mostly from the authors' home country - based on what the fans said and also the conventions the authors' have participated. I undoubtedly believe this will attract a whole lot more viewers.