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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Became a Nuffnanger

Today, I've joined Nuffnang, Asia Pacific's First Blog Advertising Community and became a newbie Nuffnanger. I got to know this community as they call it through The Star once again HERE. Due to the benefit of earning a side income from doing what I like to do, I decided to join in the band wagon. Sign up procedure is pretty simple with the basic information requested including the payee. From what I've read from their Q&As, terms & conditions and such, Bloggers(me included) earn revenue when we serve paid ads from Nuffnang's advertisers. These advertisers will select us base on our something they call a Blogger Bio - basically its about you and what you blog. Minimum cashout is RM 50 by post and currently only available in Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Thailand and Singapore.

All set up and ready to go! Now lets see the development in the coming weeks(maybe months...). I'll give my input then.