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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FREE 25GB for SkyDrive by Microsoft

Yes, you read it right. It really is free. Just log in to your SkyDrive account, go to the Manage Storage section and click on the Select upgrade button as stated and you're done. In a few secs your storage is automatically upgraded to 25GB like mine:
Unfortunately, I tried to do the same for my mom but can't. She didn't use it before the offer began so there was no option to upgrade like below:
Microsoft also updated some other features of SkyDrive like now you can synchronise files from your PC, Mac or iPad using SkyDrive software and an increased max file size from 300MB to 2GB! ; more info can be found Here. So far, one thing bad about the SkyDrive is the sync feature is unavailable to Windows XP users - info Here. The offer to upgrade is still valid as this post was completed but only for a LIMITED time ONLY. So go for it. It's painlessly easy and the space is darn good for a free online storage :D