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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Eating at Chili's

(Sandwiches)Cajun Club Sandwich with homestyle fries - Chicken and beef meats topped with 3 types of cheeses;cheddar,Swiss and jalapeno Jack. Tried eating one in whole and boy it was a flavour blast of cheese and meat. The slightly cold cheese slices melts as you start chewing them in your mouth.

(Salads)Caesar Salad with spicy garlic and lime grilled prawns - RM25.95. Well-grilled prawns and a nice salad to go with it.

(Starters)Texas Cheese Fries accompanied by a dish of ranch dipping with additional beef chilli and green chillies - RM24.95 + RM3.00(for the beef chilli). This is my favourite. Fries bathed in rich cheese and bacon. Every bite from this is as good/better than a pizza. The beef chilli was a good option to add. It's reasonably spicy but with whole beefy goodness. The sauce adds a nice tinge of sour to the whole thing.

(Classic Chicken)My order:Fire-grilled Chicken and Portobello(the mushroom) with peppercorn sauce, seasoned veggies and big lump of mashed potatoes - RM32.95. A filling balance dish. The chicken is hard yet tender. Vegetables are solid fresh. Portobellos were juicy. Mash potatoes has a very light sauce making it not too heavy as a filler.
Here are some pics of the menu although not entirely. Thanks a bunch to BLHC


Although this is my first time at Chili's, I find the restaurant very satisfactory. Food's great, nice bar-like environment and the price is reasonable. I do recommend this place for a celebration of sorts.