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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Fortune

Today at my school, my new Form 4 English teacher(read previous post for why I am studying Form 4) told some of us our fortune or personality(sort of). She was a student at a Malaysian university where she studied psychology. That's not her main subject just a side one. She shared with us her experience and gave us free "fortune telling" session for some of us.

She first ask me for my birth date and then added up the total value of the date(for example 10/1/1991,add them all up and obtain 2002). Afterwards,she read my palms and my fists or knuckles(not sure). She then drew a three-sided triangle with some numbers on each side and around as well as inside it. She then read and interpret everything and told me. These were my results:
1.Weird attitude.
3.Loving/caring personality.
5.I will have a girlfriend that I will stick with and marry her.
6.Not a good time to have a girlfriend for now.

I think she mentioned more but i forgotten the rest. Well anyway, have a nice life!

Friday, October 9, 2009

An Auspicious Day

The Hungry Ghost Festival has ended on 23rd of August.I hope the ghosts are full now,haha.As it left,an auspicious day came a few weeks later on 09/09/09 which is yesterday.

Many great events happened yesterday too.For example,a man who asked for a woman's hand in marriage on 07/07/07 married her yesterday.Many other couples in Malaysia also tied the knot yesterday.Besides, a community project aimed at saving lives named Malaysian Unite for Road Safety(MUFORS) appeared.It has its very own website( are really special events on such an auspicious day!

According to a "feng shui" master,luck will come on this very special day but the hungry ghost festival sort of interferes with the luck.In Chinese,the number 9 sounds like "everlasting" and in Thai signifies that all good things would come and everything would turn out to be smooth and successful.This is the reasons many couples tie the knot on the auspicious day.

Go check that website out and have a lucky day!