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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Making it More Comfortable to Read

Today, I've decided to change from the old,ubiquitous and eye-squinting font, Times to the more modern and comfortable to read font, Trebuchet. I did some meticulous comparison among the several fonts available(Arial, Courier, Georgia, Helvetica, Times, Trebuchet and Verdana) before finally deciding on this one. Even my mom agrees Trebuchet is a lot better than the Times. You can see for yourself the huge difference between Times and Trebuchet in this post alone. Those two were the easiest to compare - the hardest is the semifinal round of comparison between Georgia and Trebuchet. At the end Trebuchet became my sole winner. Trebuchet is easier to read because of its generous spacing between words and reasonable letter size. Plus its easy to distinguish uppercase from lowercase letters.
I've also look back in my past and deleted a few old and 'immature' post. Just some old junk to clean mostly.

Hope my blog doesn't burn/sting your eyes now ;)

A Scam?

Got an invite from a friend to attend a 'meeting' of sorts last night at about 8.30pm. I kept asking him to tell me more specifically about it but he said I might leave if he told me. As I climbed the flight of stairs, I felt an eerily feeling going through my mind, am I walking into a trap or worse? I entered the room and met a couple of old friends. One was a handsome good boy as I've known him, the other was another good boy although wasn't in a good class. The rest was unknown to me but I can only guess their from my hometown. Most of them look like, well... gangsters with some of them having dyed hairs. The 'meeting' started and I finally know what it was about. It was an introductory to two so called online education programmes namely, Score A and Score A i-Teacher.
 A paragraphs from the website's home introduction page(and its introductory logo :P):

The key to accomplish good grades is Output Learning™ - the ability to retrieve and apply what you have studied or learnt. Many students do only Input Learning - reading, studying, memorising & listening are only Input Learning - that is why students get average marks. To excel, your children need Output Learning™. Discover how we coach your children using Output Learning™ techniques.
We have invested four years of research and development into this ultimate Output Learning™ tool that has been carefully designed to be in line with the school curriculum set by the Ministry of Education.
We will help and guide your children to - BE EXAM READY & SCORE A's and endeavour the impossible to improve their work. Practice makes perfect. The will to succeed is important but what's even more important is... the will to prepare. Come examination day, your children will sail through the challenge with confidence and Score A's.
Yes... definitely a must for every future 'leader' out there. No point taking everything in but not expressing and instead keeping it locked up never to be seen in the daylight ever again. In my opinion, children can learn this in other ways, ways better than an online tutor/education/learning.

I definitely understand whats that, but later on they started to introduce me to Kenshido, the company who they say owns created this programme. Moving along, they began talking about future careers and jobs - asking a few questions like one's income targets, how fast you want to earn that income as well as mentioning your parents' burden. THEY said you can start now with this side income deal through a networking scheme whereby more people = more income/revenue/Et cetera . For me, I have to start by 'investing' a certain amount of modal based on their 'packages'. Each packages have their 'returns' as they call it. The modal invested will be returned to you or at least eventually as you invite people to this programme according to what they told me. After signing for the respective package, all we have to do next is to invite people of any matured age to come to their 'preview' of the programme - the meeting I went too was actually called a preview in their terms. From there I can start earning income. At first I was a 'Customer' as I was invited by a friend to this programme. My friend acted as a 'Bridge' to bring me here. The higher ups are called 'Advisers'. So a simple flow diagram is so:

'Me'(Customer) --->Invited to programme by friend(Bridge) --->Interviewed/Introduced by higher-up(Adviser) --->'Me' become a new 'Bridge' ---> Repeat whole process with a different person(Customer)

I was pretty much interested in the whole thing but I had serious doubts on the overall system. To start off, I ONLY had to invite them to their previews and I get like about RM90 for the first 2 Customer I successfully invited. Successfully invited as in they come to the preview and signed up for a package. From there the Customers become Bridges under me. Each new Customer the Bridges invited will help be earn income as well. In other words, each Customer can duplicate more Customers. 1 pair = RM90, 2 pairs = RM180 4pairs = RM360 and so on(I think if I remembered correctly). The income a.k.a. 'returns' increases as you invest in bigger packages. I did consult my mother on this and she explained the scam. Just think about these questions, where did they get the money to pay you all to 'recruit' people this way? If they are so good and well-known, why are they using this method to 'recruit' new members? They could just put up advertisements to do the job for them and let people find them instead. This method their using is painfully slow and costly. Imagine 1000 Bridges and Advisers to pay monthly and that's just 1000. I don't even know the exact figure of members. They MUST have a huge company-sized income to 'feed' their workers right? My mother also explained a very similar incident with her boss once. My mother's boss was introduced by a group of sorts with a thick folio. He eventually fell for the scam - with losses unknown. The group's company was said to have 'bankrupted' and so the members became the victims.

Heck, their website also feels faulty, every time I enter Score A's website, a new page opens automatically showing their 'latest news'. Its really annoying especially with their news being so flashy and unnecessarily colourful. When I looked through the news, I stumbled upon a friend of mine's SPM result. There, they said he obtained 10A's. I actually asked him the night before I checked the website and he told me he got 9A's. Now what do I have to say to him the next time I see him about that? - I have no idea...

As for Kenshido's website, it's quite the same, but a lot more flashy with plenty of animation and 3D objects. This at least feels more 'alive' so to speak. The copyright mark below the site states until the year 2011 whereas for Score A only until 2009.

Overall it really does feel like a scam - the offer to join the programme at least. Mainly because of the required modal investment. No point joining in and lose it all. I ended up declining their offer just to play safe. But if the online tutor/education programme really is well... real then it's good for newer generation. This is just a typed record of my experience with Kenshido and its products as they call them. What do YOU think?