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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Time Feel of an Earthquake Aftershock

At about 4.00p.m. today, I felt a slight wavering of my screen while reading The Star e-paper. My seat felt light moving up and down a bit too. The first thing that came into my mind was my wall fan causing it but its just a ordinary fan... I didn't thought of an earthquake actually happening far away. Then, after my basketball game that evening, my mom told me about the feeling as well. She was alone in the office at the time and thought there was a ghost possessing her office table as it kept shaking so she smacked the table - no effect = =', it kept shaking. She even thought she was dreaming. Later on, she found out a real earthquake just happened through a friend.

Looked up online and here are a few news from The Star:

Apparently, a magnitude 8.6 earthquake occurred off the Indian Ocean that afternoon. It sent aftershocks even to Peninsular Malaysia where I felt it. There's even reports of an imminent tsunami hitting Penang island. I checked my FB news listing and I wasn't the only one. Here are a few of my friends quotes on what they felt:

  • My house shaking..
  • i felt it
  • OMG got earthquake happen at bowling ><
  • 1ST time come penang study...1ST time feeling earthquake><
  • tetiba rase mcm gempe bumi je...
  • Everyone's posting bout earthquakes!!! O.o
    Just to be different~ I'm gonna say Earth is DANCING to "I'M SEXY N I KNOW IT" SONG!!! XP

That was really a first aftershock I ever felt, even my mom agreed. Only thing left is to await reports on the damage ...and the chaos...if any(hope not).