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Friday, October 9, 2009

An Auspicious Day

The Hungry Ghost Festival has ended on 23rd of August.I hope the ghosts are full now,haha.As it left,an auspicious day came a few weeks later on 09/09/09 which is yesterday.

Many great events happened yesterday too.For example,a man who asked for a woman's hand in marriage on 07/07/07 married her yesterday.Many other couples in Malaysia also tied the knot yesterday.Besides, a community project aimed at saving lives named Malaysian Unite for Road Safety(MUFORS) appeared.It has its very own website( are really special events on such an auspicious day!

According to a "feng shui" master,luck will come on this very special day but the hungry ghost festival sort of interferes with the luck.In Chinese,the number 9 sounds like "everlasting" and in Thai signifies that all good things would come and everything would turn out to be smooth and successful.This is the reasons many couples tie the knot on the auspicious day.

Go check that website out and have a lucky day!