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Monday, October 22, 2012

Adfly - I've started Using it and How YOU Can Make it Less Annoying

Starting today, I'll be using Ad.Fly to help me earn some more revenue from my blog. I know it's annoying BUUUT. You have the power to make it a lot less annoying. Just go to Redirection Helper. Here you can find the the use of the script that does the wonderful work, change logs as well as the neat green install button for the script. If you're using Mozilla Firefox or Mozilla Waterfox(which I'm using right now), first off you must install Grease Monkey in order to actually read and apply the script. Then click on the green install button and a pop-up will appear asking you whether to trust and accept the script - OF COURSE ACCEPT THE AWESOME SCRIPT. Voila! You're done!

Here's the latest list of link shrinking services that the script works on: 


-------------------------------------------UPDATE (7/2/2013)--------------------------------------------
Since somewhere at the end of January 2013, Redirection Helper version 4.0.2 no longer works (at least for me). Whenever I try to use it on an Adfly link, they will redirect me to Adfly's home page which renders the purpose of the Redirection Helper totally useless - unfortunately.