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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Special Calculator Trick

I have recently found a calculator trick from my friends using the scientific calculator model fx-350MS shown below.
The trick is to crash the calculator's screen and create a 'crazy-mess' on the screen of the calculator.Here are the steps to achieve this:
1.When the calculator is on,press mode on the top left of the calculator as shown below.2.Press 2 to activate 'SD' mode as shown.An SD letter will appear at the top left of the calculator screen afterward as shown below.3.Press any number except 0 and then Press the M+ button which is located on top of the 'AC' button.n= will appear afterward as shown below.4.Keep pressing M+ until it says Data Full as shown below.5.Press M+ again until it shows this:6.Press 0,2 and then the up replay arrow as shown below.7.Once it shows this image below,press 1 and 3 repeatedly until full then press the = button twice.8.Press 0 and then 1.It will then show this image below.9.Press the Del button until it shows 1s and 3s.
10.Press Del again until the calculator's blinking cursor is on top of the first 0 as shown below.11.Press sin and tan buttons as shown below.
12.Keep pressing the two buttons until the screen goes 'crazy' like the ones below.IMPORTANT NOTE:You have to press the two buttons very fast for this to happen.
This is quite a fun trick but it might have consequences such as the calculator malfunctioning and cant be used anymore. I cant confirm this fact as it did not happen to my scientific calculator(or to anyone else I know for that matter). There are other tricks that I have seen but this is the only one that I'm familiar with and that I know of. Feel free to try this yourself and have fun :-) .