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Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to use Microsoft Macro Assembler(MASM) with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

Step by step Instructions with PICTURES!

This is the starting window when you launch Microsoft Visual 2012

Open a new Visual Studio Project as shown.

onclick="javascript: document.getElementById('image1').style.height='100%'; document.getElementById('image1').style.width='100%';" />

 Now open a new C++ Project.

 Right-click your project and configure Build Customizations so that MASM is ticked.

 Next,add your assembly source file.

 If you try to assembly immediately, you'll get something like this.
error 1000: cannot open file:
error MS83721: The command "ml.exe/c/nologo/ZI/Fo"Debug\TEST.obj" /W3?errorReport.prompt....\TEST.asm"exited with code 1

 So you'll have to configure a few options in the preferences section of your project. First is to place this: "c:\Irvine" without the quotes into the location shown below:

 Next problem:
error LNK1221: a subsystem can't be inferred and must be defined

 Next solution: Place "Console (/SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE)" without quotes as shown:

 Again another problem:
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol_DumpRegs 0 referenced in functioned_main 0
error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals

 And so again the solution: Place "user32.lib;irvine32.lib;%(AdditionalDependencies)" accordingly:

 Last problem:
error LNK1104: cannot open file "irvine32.lib"

 Last solution: Use "c:\Irvine;%(AdditionalLibraryDirectories)" here:

 And you're done and now able to start doing assembly programming.

Reference from:

I'm sorry if the images are too small. For some reason the images don't enlarge on click except for 1 in the middle. I've still have to work out the kinks so in the mean time go HERE for the enlarged version at SlickPic.

Monday, November 12, 2012

MY Dropbox Referral

Here it is:

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Installing Borderlands 2 ver. 1.0.0, Related Installation Problems and Playing Borderlands Cooperative Multiplayer Offline/Home Network/LAN/Between 2 or More Computers in the Same Network

Wanted to play Borderlands 2 real bad with a couple of good friends so I helped them get it all done so we can play but there were many difficulties.

Installation Issues
I installed a Skidrow version of Borderlands just when it came out without installing any extras. Applied and overwrite the crack files and that's pretty much it. The only issue I had was a missing registry key called xmas64. I just downloaded and applied the registry key and worked perfectly.

The first friend I helped had more issues - he game was missing a few .dll files
The list of them:

xapofx1_5.dll Error

If the game gives you an error message when launching Borderlands.exe about missing xapofx1_5.dll
Then download the DLL from here or here and put it in your game’s folder with the EXE.

d3dx9_43.dll Error

If you get this error message when opening the game:
“The program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer.”

Then download the DLL from here or here and put it in your game’s folder.

X3DAudio1_7.dll (or XAudio2_7.dll) Error

Same situation as the above. You get get X3DAudio1_7.dll from here (or here) and you can get XAudio2_7.dll from here.

xinput1_3.dll Error

Are you missing the DLL file xinput1_3.dll for Borderlands 2? It may soay “not found” and that “reinstalling could help”. Anyway, this is DirectX related as well. You can do two things here to solve this error. You can grab the latest DirectX by downloading the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer OR DirectX End-User Runtimes here or you can try to download just the DLL file here

 Original Source:


As for the second friend, I thought he would have the same problem as the first but I was wrong. His last problem I couldn't solve was  something like "Borderlands 2.exe dynamic link entry point not found" or "msvcr100.dll borderlands 2 missing". My solution? Asking him to reinstall the whole game BUT installing all the extras as well e.g. the Microsoft Net Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio, DirectX and so on that came with the game and it really did work in the end. Installation extras below:

NOTE: I did apply the xmas64 registry on both my friends computers in order to work. The registry key can be found HERE

Getting Multiplayer to Work

After nearly 3 hours of research, I've found out how - with LogMeIn Hamachi and ForceBindIP 

Original Source:

I made a simpler version of my method based on the given source:

  1. Install LogMein Hamachi - Unmanaged Version and ForceBindIP in default install location.

  2. Create a new network in LogMeIn Hamachi under the Network Tab.

  3. Ask your friends to join the network under LogMeIn Hamachi. Just input the exact network name and password.


  4. That's it for Hamachi. Now for ForceBindIP. First open a new notepad and paste this line: 

    c:\windows\system32\forcebindip x.x.x.x "d:\games\2k games\gearbox software\borderlands\binaries\borderlands.exe"

  5.  The only parts that you've have to modify are the orange and green ones. For the orange with the x's, input the IP address from your LogMeIn Hamachi - the one you get right after you created the network. It should be something like 5.x.x.x. As for the green part, put in the exact location of your Borderlands 2.exe file. DO NOT follow the example given above. That's for  the old Borderlands 1 game plus you had most probably installed your Borderlands 2 in C Drive or otherwise.

  6. Save the notepad as (name of file of your choice).bat 

  7. Run the .bat file and you're done!!! ENJOY :)

    NOTE: I played with friends on a simple home network through cable connected to a router. I didn't manage to play over different networks that are connected to the internet. (UPDATE - 11/9/2012):In game you have to set your network settings to LAN. It should be self-explanatory since that's the ONLY network setting that's usable.



    ------UPDATE ON 11/12/2012------



    ------UPDATE ON 25/6/2013------



Friday, October 26, 2012

Life at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia(UTM) International Campus Kuala Lumpur - PROLOGUE

I've finally finished my first semester at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Now let me tell about it :D

To start it off: the ESSENTIALS!!!!!! (to starting your life at any public university of your choosing of course)
  1. All personal documents(I.C., birth certificate)
  2. The documents you printed from the website when you applied for IPTA. NOTE: Remember to accept the offer to your respective learning institution at the same website
  3. Documents on your health e.g. X-ray or any other that they request.
  4. All daily-used items and things you need to live (XP)i.e.toothbrush, toothpaste, cloths, water bottle, blanket, pillow, mattress cover, soap, etc. NOTE: I'll mention what they provide in your room (based on mine of course)

NOTE: The rest of this article will be based on my university, UTM.
Registration Day
All fresh undergraduates are to register on this very day. On the day itself, I had some issues getting there. Left from Semenyih and wound up at Yayasan Selangor(UTM branch). Had to pay RM 4 worth of parking fees there just because we entered the building's parking lot for a few minutes. After rerouting, I finally head to the right direction, although not the right entrance. Ended up entering from the back entrance. The registration station is at the Dewan Besar which is located near the FRONT entrance. I had to walk like 500m instead of 100m(not thanks to GPS >.<). Once there, I was required to wear formal(minus tie), so off I go to my family car and back again to the hall zzz. In a short while, registration was completed. They then handed to me the key to my room before paying a deposit for a T-shirt and was directed to check out my room at Kediaman Siswa Jaya(KSJ) - there's another one called Kediaman Siswa Semarak(KSS) right beside the UTM campus; I'm unsure of the difference other than the location itself besides the fact that a majority of the new students are allocated at KSJ .

I met greeted my roommate as I unpacked my stuff. In a few hours time there held a small meeting with the head of the hostel where I stay. I remembered how he intimidated most (if not all) smokers - the fresh intake of course. These smokers really did hand over their stash in fear of being caught with them.

The following 2 weeks are as follows:
Week 1 - Minggu Transformasi Mahasiswa/Mahasiswi(MTM)

The rest of the week continued with meetings with VIPS of the university, university lecturers and officials. They did a brief Introduction to university rules and regulations, university programmes of various faculties, cocurriculum programmes and even a tour of the campus .Moral classes were held throughout the week at about 7.30p.m. almost every night at Dewan Jemaah(congregation hall). Officiation of MJIIT(Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology) was done on this week as well. We new intake graduates had to wave flags to welcome the VVVIPs of Japan and Malaysia. Some photos:

Sports day came on Thursday. We started it off with a Senamrobik session before moving on to the main events - Tug of war, soccer, volleyball and others. Participated in tug of war and man was it fun. I became the 'tank' as I called it way behind the line as I was the biggest(and baddest) fella in my team. As the whistle blew, so did the hard part. I kept pulling as hard as I could but they fought back hard causing my team to lose footing and me to land on my butt. I tried a simple tactic of placing planting my feet in holes in the ground(made by the other players) but still another butt landing with bonus slide. Overall its a fun game :D

Malam Budaya was held on Friday, at the end of MTM. Performances include Tarian Satu Malaysia, Tarian Gombak, Silat, Tarian Nyaman and Budaya Masa Kini - all performed by us new undergraduates(who volunteered that is). It was all good, some a lot more funny than others. The hosts were a couple of seniors who I must admit have great acting skills. Based on my experience, the performances were on a different level from what I've seen; guess this is the capability of university students.

Gotong-royong was done on Saturday - pick up rubbish, clear fallen small trees, paint mosque, clean pond area. Started at about 8.00a.m. and ended my part at about 10.45a.m. and went to the TV area coincidentally to watch Kung Fu Panda - the series. The rest of the weekend became our free time - I spent some of it at Suria KLCC watching MIB3.

One important thing to note is meals are provided by UTM starting from dinner on the first day of admission until Saturday lunch covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.

Week 2 - Bored and Skipped Lectures Week(not entirely)
Group activities were conducted. These groups are actually compilation of various programmes. For example, mine's ComStars, a group for all computer science students; same goes for engineering programmes and so on. Activities I've seen include telematch(games and stuff) and some sports.
UTM SPACE - lecturers start introductions and explanation of courses and programmes al though not entirely.
Meeting with college leaders, helpers and advisors. These people will help you during your stay at UTM college. They're like our mentors.
Lecture on PTPTN - wasn't much use to me. Wanted to skip but was afraid of missing something of utmost importance(too bad I didn't). Here's my guide of what I REALLY did to apply for PTPTN:
  1. First off I've enrolled in a higher learning institution of Malaysia(UTM), obtained their offer letter.
  2. Once at UTM, UTM helpers helped me to buy a RM 5 PIN to open a SSPN(Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional) account(PIN is used later).
  3. I then went to Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad(BIMB) branch and requested to open a SSPN account. There they will help you to get your SSPN account number. A SSPN card will be sent to you by mail.
  4. Go online to the page as shown below to fill in your details to apply for PTPTN. Everything filled there MUST be precisely as proven in your documentation.

Enter the middle one that says 'LamanPTPTNOnline'

Here is where you login to your SSPN account
     5. Finally, prepare all required documents(I.C., SPM result slip, offer letter from learning institution, parent(s) payslip, birth certificate and others if necessary). You'll hand in these docs once you are successful in applying for PTPTN loan.

Lecture on CICT and ICT skills - explaination of Academic Computing ID(ACID) account. This is the account you will use to access the Wifi at college and the e-learning programme. Skipped this one cause I've found out about it through friends.
Lecture on PSZ(Perpustakaan Sultanah Zanariah) skills - Not sure what's the point of this. For me it was games on Malay proverbs. Luckily I attended it and won a few prizes thanks to a good team :).

Last two lectures: Program Kaunseling dan Kerjaya(PKK) and Taklimat Harta Bina - Totally skipped both of them. No idea what's it about but I don't care XP .

Medical Check-up and PTPTN Apllication
Medical check-up for the new intakes is settled within these 2 weeks as well. X-ray have to be done outside the university at a public hospital whereas the rest (eye test, colour blind test,etc. but not blood test) is done at the university's clinic. Supposedly we can do it before we arrive at UTM but I thought the procedure would be more precise and smoother over there. I was wrong. The issue was the time to do the medical check-up and X-ray wasn't announced. I went to theclinic to do the medical check-up first as I thought the X-ray could be done later but I couldn't as they needed the X-ray first for some odd reason. Imagine that I had to wrong to the back of the campus to the clinic and then back to the front to catch a van that will send me and a few others for X-ray scan. Chest X-ray to be exact. The cost for the whole thing wasn't much of a difference back at my home town too. Should have done it with my friend back home.

As for PTPTN, you actually needed FOUR(4) stem hasil to complete the entire PTPTN application. 2 for when you want to apply for it and another 2 for when you want to send the required documents to complete the whole thing. I only brought 2 with me at the time but luckily I have friends who was out and live within KL area to help. Getting the PIN to open your SSPN account can be helped by the UTM seniors and staffs.

It was quite hectic but at least it's all over.

Other Aspects:

Hostel here's pretty cooling mostly likely its because of a pond right next to it

Can see people running,jogging and playing sports at night, I mean REALLY late at night like 10+

Facilities provided: various sport courts - including futsal, badminton, tennis and volleyball, public TV with ASTRO, mini mart, top-up machines, pantry, laundry room, water dispensers with hot and cold options, FREE gym services both at campus and at college, FREE computer lab(at college) usage and lots more.

Normally at around 11pm, a lot of people would have gathered at cafe and activities peak then from surfing the web to chatting to playing futsal.

But when it rains, it gets real quiet - :)

I've decided to use SlickPic (instead of Flickr due to issues) to post images starting today. If there's roughly 10 images only, I'll display them here. But this particular article has hundreds so if you're in need to know more about UTM or interested to see(and admire) UTM, feel free to browse my gallery on SlickPic. Most of the pictures are self-explanatory so the rest of the story pretty much tells itself. If you want to know more just comment and I'll reply.URLs:

UTM KL Hostel,N,QTMFYzw/UTMKLHostel?preview

This should go here:
                                                       Funny Cat

UTM KL Campus
Minggu Tranformasi Mahasiswa

Monday, October 22, 2012

Adfly - I've started Using it and How YOU Can Make it Less Annoying

Starting today, I'll be using Ad.Fly to help me earn some more revenue from my blog. I know it's annoying BUUUT. You have the power to make it a lot less annoying. Just go to Redirection Helper. Here you can find the the use of the script that does the wonderful work, change logs as well as the neat green install button for the script. If you're using Mozilla Firefox or Mozilla Waterfox(which I'm using right now), first off you must install Grease Monkey in order to actually read and apply the script. Then click on the green install button and a pop-up will appear asking you whether to trust and accept the script - OF COURSE ACCEPT THE AWESOME SCRIPT. Voila! You're done!

Here's the latest list of link shrinking services that the script works on: 


-------------------------------------------UPDATE (7/2/2013)--------------------------------------------
Since somewhere at the end of January 2013, Redirection Helper version 4.0.2 no longer works (at least for me). Whenever I try to use it on an Adfly link, they will redirect me to Adfly's home page which renders the purpose of the Redirection Helper totally useless - unfortunately.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some Neat Travel Videos by a Friend Posted for the Friend

Well as the title says I'm helping a friend of mine which is in the same course as me to help get visitors or views for these videos. The reason is that she wants to download them to use for her group multimedia project but she is only able to if the videos get at least 10 views. So here I am to the rescue. So if you're free or curious go ahead and check them out. Oh, and check out her FB profile too for more stuff: Syira Azhari. According to her, views of these videos through her FB profile will garner more err... views. So happy watching!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Skyrim Screenshot Problem

Started playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and IT.IS.AWESOME. During my game play I encountered a beautiful scenery with aurora borealis and I just must have it. But to my dismay, my screenshot doesn't work!!!!!!!!!! Here is my fix based on a few other solutions (which didn't show me the fix directly but instead pinpointed me into the right direction).

Follow instructions base on picture given:

1.Well, there's only one actually XD. Just type the line as shown in the red box in Skyrim.ini which can be found in your Documents folder. The screenshots will be placed in your designated game folder.

TIP: If you're wondering how to remove the bits of user interface like compass, cursor,health bar,etc which are known as HUD(Heads-Up Display) just go to Options>Display and you'll fine HUD opacity. Just reduce it to lowest and done.

Now let me upload the one I got an...WTF?
On further research I found it was a bug with the in-game screen capture. I don't think there's a fix for this so I decided to use FRAPS instead. FRAPS does the trick fantastically. I can't even see the effect of lag when I screen capture using FRAPS. FRAPS even offer to do a video capture but it's very short for the FREE version. At least I got what I wanted :  :)

 I got these at Valtheim Towers. Just look them up through Google if you want to find it.
That is all.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Choice of Malware Protection

As a Windows user for a long time now(but not in the near future) I can say I have good experience with malware programmes that I can share. Here's my top 3 picks for FREE antimalware programmes:

1st: avast! Antivirus
2nd:Microsoft Security Essentials(MSE)
3rd:Avira Antivirus

The main reason I choose these would be that they're all FREE, trusted and popular choices. My choices are also based on statistics and results from . avast! is my number ONE cause it has great scores for protection, repair and usability from as I've noted the aforementioned site, minimal ads(that is it doesn't get it the way) and so far no fake-positives(except for a couple of files from my Left 4 Dead 2 game). There' was only a slight problem with it, that is the actual FREE-ness of it. You actually have to register to get it lasting significantly long. I meant significantly because it's not permanent but very very very^3563579 long. Take a loong at the screenshot below:

As you can see I insert a registration code which IS NOT mine. You want it? Here it is: :D

MSE is second and about as good as avast! in my opinion. Although according to results from Av-Test, it's worst compared to avast!. But it's still a good choice:Absolutely no ads, user-friendly interface and settings and is also very-light on resources.

Avira Antivirus is third due to irritating ads when updating and annoying was of handling detected baddies. Once detected Avira Antivirus initiates a scan of your system with is difficult to cancel. It then pops up a window for you to decide what to do with the infected file(or so it says). I had bad experience with Avira Antivirus detecting false-positives mostly cracks and keygens and the like. It also feels a little heavier then the top 2.

In terms of protection, weelll, I can't really say much cause I know how to prevent these or at least most of these problems. They sure can't protect you from everything but I'm sure that these will prevent you computers from having to go to the shop(that much often).

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012

Attended AFA on the 10 of June 2012 and had quite an exhilarating experience - it was my first anime festival experience too and here a photo story:

Click HERE for Introductory, Thanks to Joshua Ong
At the entrance

Outside of Putra World Trade Centre

Cosplayers getting ready

Ticket counter

Figma store

A cosplayer as Mrs. MacDonald

League of Legends(LOL) signature board

LOL cosplayer photos

A very long line a the two cafes: Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe and Ateleir Royale

Cosplayers as Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive(female version) from Black Butler

Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler

At a anime retail store

Wallpaper, if that's what you're wondering

@.@   @.@   @.@   @.@   @.@   @.@

Large anime wallpapers

Cosplayer as a Volaloid with extra sword


One Piece characters

Not sure from which anime/genre but it's sure cool.

Veeeeerrrryy crowded

Final Fantasy?

There's Danny Choo!

Ohhh, prety lights!
This is just less than half the crowd.
Acting performance 1: Naruto

Acting performance 2: Black Butler

Acting performance 3:Rozen Maiden

Cosplay Competition

Danny Choo: Feeling the armour

In comes Kaname

Miyuko and Tasha appears!

Prizing giving ceremony for best cosplayers. The champion is obviously the armoured dude followed the runner-up Mirai Suenega.
Prize giving ceremony for acting performers.

1st: Black Butler, 2nd:Rozen Maiden, 3rd: Naruto

1 door versus 1000+ visitors

Cloud from Final Fantasy

Dead nurse. Awesome.
Anime Equipment Store

More cosplayers!!!!!!!

Big badass boss fight XD with Bleach Characters

Awwww. :)
That is all, so enjoy and sayonara :D