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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Installing Borderlands 2 ver. 1.0.0, Related Installation Problems and Playing Borderlands Cooperative Multiplayer Offline/Home Network/LAN/Between 2 or More Computers in the Same Network

Wanted to play Borderlands 2 real bad with a couple of good friends so I helped them get it all done so we can play but there were many difficulties.

Installation Issues
I installed a Skidrow version of Borderlands just when it came out without installing any extras. Applied and overwrite the crack files and that's pretty much it. The only issue I had was a missing registry key called xmas64. I just downloaded and applied the registry key and worked perfectly.

The first friend I helped had more issues - he game was missing a few .dll files
The list of them:

xapofx1_5.dll Error

If the game gives you an error message when launching Borderlands.exe about missing xapofx1_5.dll
Then download the DLL from here or here and put it in your game’s folder with the EXE.

d3dx9_43.dll Error

If you get this error message when opening the game:
“The program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer.”

Then download the DLL from here or here and put it in your game’s folder.

X3DAudio1_7.dll (or XAudio2_7.dll) Error

Same situation as the above. You get get X3DAudio1_7.dll from here (or here) and you can get XAudio2_7.dll from here.

xinput1_3.dll Error

Are you missing the DLL file xinput1_3.dll for Borderlands 2? It may soay “not found” and that “reinstalling could help”. Anyway, this is DirectX related as well. You can do two things here to solve this error. You can grab the latest DirectX by downloading the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer OR DirectX End-User Runtimes here or you can try to download just the DLL file here

 Original Source:


As for the second friend, I thought he would have the same problem as the first but I was wrong. His last problem I couldn't solve was  something like "Borderlands 2.exe dynamic link entry point not found" or "msvcr100.dll borderlands 2 missing". My solution? Asking him to reinstall the whole game BUT installing all the extras as well e.g. the Microsoft Net Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio, DirectX and so on that came with the game and it really did work in the end. Installation extras below:

NOTE: I did apply the xmas64 registry on both my friends computers in order to work. The registry key can be found HERE

Getting Multiplayer to Work

After nearly 3 hours of research, I've found out how - with LogMeIn Hamachi and ForceBindIP 

Original Source:

I made a simpler version of my method based on the given source:

  1. Install LogMein Hamachi - Unmanaged Version and ForceBindIP in default install location.

  2. Create a new network in LogMeIn Hamachi under the Network Tab.

  3. Ask your friends to join the network under LogMeIn Hamachi. Just input the exact network name and password.


  4. That's it for Hamachi. Now for ForceBindIP. First open a new notepad and paste this line: 

    c:\windows\system32\forcebindip x.x.x.x "d:\games\2k games\gearbox software\borderlands\binaries\borderlands.exe"

  5.  The only parts that you've have to modify are the orange and green ones. For the orange with the x's, input the IP address from your LogMeIn Hamachi - the one you get right after you created the network. It should be something like 5.x.x.x. As for the green part, put in the exact location of your Borderlands 2.exe file. DO NOT follow the example given above. That's for  the old Borderlands 1 game plus you had most probably installed your Borderlands 2 in C Drive or otherwise.

  6. Save the notepad as (name of file of your choice).bat 

  7. Run the .bat file and you're done!!! ENJOY :)

    NOTE: I played with friends on a simple home network through cable connected to a router. I didn't manage to play over different networks that are connected to the internet. (UPDATE - 11/9/2012):In game you have to set your network settings to LAN. It should be self-explanatory since that's the ONLY network setting that's usable.



    ------UPDATE ON 11/12/2012------



    ------UPDATE ON 25/6/2013------




  1. You ABSOLUTLY DON'T need Hamachi to play over LAN, i do it with my bro like this:
    - He starts a game, and opens a slot for me to connect to him.
    - I disable all network adaptaters and let only the one that connects me to my LAN (of course! :p)
    - I launche the game with command line: borderlands2.exe
    - And let's rock!

    But NOW, my new problem is:
    - After installing the DLC's from Skidrow and the updates 4 to 5, the game says to me that we don't have the same patch version!!! WTF. We installed the same files, the same way!

    I didn't solved it yet!

    1. I have to agree with you on this part. Recently, I've played Borderlands 2 with my friends without them actually having to connect to me 'properly' through Hamachi. They still have them installed but just not connected. I hosted the game and had them join and it worked fine. That's how it seems. Because of this I'm not 100% sure on not using the LogMeIn Hamachi part. Thanks for sharing your method by the way.

      And about your problem with different versions, refer to my second article on updating Borderlands 2 to version 1.1.3:

    2. Thanks for the answer!
      I will try to uninstall and reinstall as mentioned in your methode.

      But, if i follow your methode, i will not have the Pirates Booty DLC!
      So, in your opinion, can i replace the "Borderlands 2 Update4 including DLC by SKIDROW" with "BORDERLANDS 2 CAPTAIN SCARLETT AND HER PIRATES BOOTY DLC-SKIDROW" (

      I think i gonna try your methode, and see if it works, and after, i will install the Scarlette DLC and see.

    3. You're welcome. About the Pirate Booty DLC, I thought it was already in together with update 4 but I was wrong. I haven't tried what you said but you could give it a try BUT remember to backup your save files. I read somewhere that if the update went awry, your profile gets corrupted. I'll try to update mine with Captain Scarlett and Her Pirates Booty DLC since this is the ONLY thing I'm missing. Check back on my second article on Borderlands 2 for my update on this DLC.

  2. @matwachich, if you do it get to work, can you respond and confirm again?

  3. CONFIRMATION: I have TESTED the force ip and hamachi technique and it has worked for me and my friend! Thank you Zxyon!

    1. Well here's a good sign! This backs up my notion that using LogMeIn Hamachi and ForceBindIP works. I remembered trying to play Borderlands 2 through LAN with my friends with the same setup but without either LogMeIn Hamachi or ForceBind IP and they couldn't see me. Thanks for confirming.

  4. I just tested it, and ..... don't work!
    I uninstalled everything, and then installed (on both machines):
    - The game (Borderlands 2 SKIDROW)
    - update 4 + DLC (Borderlands 2 Update4 including DLC by SKIDROW)
    - update 5
    - update 6, and i cracked it with update 6 crack (Skidrow folder)

    It always says me incorrect patch version.

    But i have an idea: i think that it's because i forgot to block the game in the firewall. It's because I don't well know how to block it for Internet, and let it work on my LAN.

    Gonna try to:
    - Block in firewall
    - Reinstall update 6 and crack
    - Try

    Confirmation when i have time to do it!


  5. OK ... euh well. Same problem!
    I really don't know what to do ...
    Perhaps i miss configured my firewall (Win 7 on both machines) ...

    Can you tell me how do you configured your firewall?

    I know i can play only the base game (without updates) but we want to play the new DLC!

    1. I didn't configure anything actually. During all the times I played with my friends I had my firewall turned off or not I they couldn't see the game I hosted through LAN. As for the different version problem. I never encountered it before. I'm still using the files mentioned in my second Borderlands 2 article here:

      I can't find a solution cause there's no problem to use it on for me.

  6. I understand! I will continue searching, and post here if I find a solution ...

    About the problem that your friends couldn't see you on LAN, me too I couldn't see my bro's game in the game browser, but it is not like this that i connected to it, I launche the game with the IP of my bro's computer as parameter, and it connects to him directly without even showing the main menu. Like this:

    "C:\Program Files\Borderlands 2\main\binary\win32\botderlands2.exe" 192.168.1.xx

    Anyway, thanks for the help! :)

  7. I still have the same problem with hamachi and Borderlands 2...
    Before update to version 1.1.3 it worked and i used to play with 3 friends over hamachi. After update i've the wrong version message pops up.

    If i find the solution i'll post it here, but so far my options are low, updating to the latest version maybe will fix it. But i dont want to lose the power of "the bee" and the "conference call" :\


  8. I just solve this annoying problem...
    Turning off hamachi...
    Downloading and installing Tunngle...
    Open the tunggle doors in the router...
    like this:
    And voila, i don't even need to bind ip, i just click in "find games" and my friends game was there in lan.

    p.s.:There's some people saying that tunngle didn't solve their problem, i guess they weren't patient enough. Isn't hard to configure tunngle but isn't so easy as hamachi. So.. be patient and don't forget to check if theres a green face in the right down corner of the Tunngle window and you are good to go :P
    Good Luck

    1. I've seen this method using Tunngle to play multiplayer on Borderlands 2 although it was just a glimpse but I've never tried it.I think it needs an account to work and I would prefer to avoid creating an account if possible. Thx for sharing.


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